literacy Drama work- James and the magic shell.


Learning about hardware in computing.


Learning about algorithms.


Congratulations Clever cats!


Well done to year 2 on trying really hard in their KS1 SATS, i’m so proud of you all.
I’m so hard at the amount of effort and hard work that you have put in over the last half term.
Have a fantastic holiday break you deserve it!

Nocturnal-animal homework.

This week we have been learning about Nocturnal Animals. As part of their homework we would like your child to create a fact file about owls. Your child should research owls in order to gather facts and pictures.

Nocturnal Animal Fact File

The fact file should include;
• Name of the animal
• What does nocturnal mean?
• What does the animal look like?
• What is the animal’s habitat like?
• What does the animal eat?
• Can you write an interesting fact?

In this piece of writing we would like your children to focus on using a range of connectives to extend their sentences and add extra information.

For example instead of writing, Owls are nocturnal. You could add “because” to explain why.

Owls are nocturnal because they are awake during the night.

New my maths homework.

Clever cats have a look on your my maths page to see your new maths homework tasks.
2 monster point for the first to complete their homework.

Teamwork with Bruce.

We practiced getting into different teams (colour, shape, letter and number).
Can you use some super vocabulary to describe this picture.

2 monster points to the best deception.

Excited animals.

Some of the lemurs were so excited at our visit that they decided to jump out of the cages.
How did you feel when you saw the lemurs?

Animals in Tropical world.

Have a look at a few of the animals that we saw on the our class trip.
Have I missed any of the animals?
Could you describe some of of animals that you saw in their habitats?

Our class trip. Super brave clever cats.


Have a look at some of our brave clever cats holding the minibeasts.
Which minibeasts would you like to hold?